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Stafford Communications is outstanding
at making your business stand out.

We manage smaller, specialized call center programs for many industries – with a strong focus on pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, consumer packaged goods and beauty care. We also excel at staffing internal contact centers at our clients’ locations and consulting.

We service you – the way you want to be serviced. We develop customized contact center solutions that fit your unique business needs, not ours. We work the way you want. On top of that, we handle all programs efficiently and cost-effectively. You get sophisticated technology, training, quality, compliance, documentation, reporting… and more.

At Our Core

At Stafford, we connect with your customers the way they want to connect with you.

Whether it’s responding to inbound calls, chat, email, postal mail, social media – or outbound initiatives – your customers get the personal attention they need and want. In turn, you get what you need and want: happy, loyal customers who serve as your brand champions and help grow your bottom line.

Our customer service professionals are smart, compassionate and great at what they do. And, they love what they do …which is critically important … because your customers will feel the difference.

Our Expertise

Managing smaller customer care programs for companies of all sizes and handling complex customer communications with high-end service.
Pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, consumer packaged goods and beauty care
Inbound/outbound phone, email, chat, postal mail and social media
Consumer education, product information, escalations/issues management, adverse events, product quality/claims management, crisis planning, online store support and CRM administration, training and reporting (Wilke Global and Astute).
Fulfillment and sampling, process development and improvement, quality and compliance, leadership development and coaching, representative training, customer service staffing, marketing and collateral development.
College graduates, teachers, communications experts, bi-lingual, dietitians and other professionals.
CRM Applications including SAP, Wilke Global, Astute.