Cassandra Stafford
Cassandra StaffordDirector, Compliance

About Cassandra

As Director of Stafford’s Compliance business unit, I thrive on policy development, process optimization, and high-stakes multitasking. I reflexively explore opportunities for improvement, and reverse-engineer processes to see how all the pieces fit together and to identify any missing ones.

A leader of several cross-functional teams, I’m also a supportive mentor with a penchant for employee development.

My many clients – a list of multinational corporations and Fortune Magazine mainstays – appreciate my precision, passion for teamwork, and consistent delivery of value-adding service. With my BFA (concentration in Graphic Design), I also have a creative eye that adds a little style to the substance.

I will approach any challenge from multiple angles, to carry a strategy from ideation to implementation. A results-driven consultant, I’ll navigate complex matrices to achieve goal alignment and ensure that all stakeholders are well taken care of.