Liz Dannevig
Liz DannevigDirector of Client Services
“My job is to understand the needs of clients and keep them very happy”

About Liz

With over 15 years of experience, I am a client-focused director in the Diagnostics, Medical Services, and HealthCare industries. I have successfully implemented new programs under the psychiatric umbrella, including national referral programs for adult depression and residential treatment centers for children and adolescents. Following additional start-up projects within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, I joined Stafford Communications in September 2000 as Director of Client Services.

Since joining Stafford, I have been responsible for transitioning call center support for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical client and building a customer communication framework that supports 7 nationally recognized brands.

I specialize in Operations Consulting and work with CJ to bring our expertise to improve client programs.  I assess the operational needs of the company, define quality plans and define customer communication strategies, to insure successful long-term client relationships.