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Uniquely different customer care

Call Center Services

Stafford Communications manages smaller, complex customer care programs for companies of all sizes.

Consulting Services

As experts in quality and compliance, Stafford Communications empowers companies to optimize their internal call centers.

Marketing Services

We’re a small, niche firm that delivers the quality and service of a Madison Avenue agency without the high prices.

Stafford Communications is
uniquely different. We’re not just
a call center outsourcer.

We do handle customer contacts on behalf of some of the nation’s most prominent brands from our call centers in New Jersey and Canada. But there’s a lot more to us.

Our unique business model features a robust quality and compliance consulting practice that helps companies optimize their own internal call center operations. Add to that a marketing arm, and we ensure our clients’ customer service initiatives are aligned to their marketing programs so they intrinsically support each other.

Experts in regulated industries, we help pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, consumer packaged goods and beauty care companies build brand loyalty by providing their customers with exceptional experiences.