Brett Gibbs
Brett GibbsHuman Resource Director

About Brett

In the war for talent, Brett defines dynamic and mindful. While it’s true that employees are an organization’s most valuable resource, he believes unequivocally in treating staff as “human” first, and as “resources” second. It’s a principle everyone at Stafford Communications lives and breathes by every day – one that is critical to ensuring teams deliver great service to their clients and their customers … and one that has enabled Brett to help grow Stafford’s team by 500% in just 2 years .

Scouting for talent that aligns with each client’s needs and goals is just the beginning for Brett. From recruiting to onboarding, professional development and performance management, Brett engages, supports and advocates for staff at all levels. With more than 15 years in customer service himself, Brett empowers employees and creates experiences that inspire their peak performance.